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The Tantra Temple is an association of people dedicated to making the Tantric wisdom available for everyone who is ready for it. 

We aim to share this wisdom through tantra massages, tantra courses, and workshops, as well as having an active participation in the public debate about love, sexuality, couple relationships and spirituality.

Tantra is a practice which leads us to reveal our true spiritual nature. Tantra can awaken our full potential as human beings and make us realize that we are all deeply connected with each other. We believe that there is a great need for this, in a world characterized by alienation from our body and soul, where we prefer to present an image of ourselves instead of being who we truly are.

Most people turn their attention towards their exterior life (Facebook, job, family, internet, TV etc.) and never discover the incredible richness of their inner life. We believe that by knowing ourselves and exploring what is inside of us, we will also make the world a much better place to live.

Read about what we offer on our web page: www.tantra-temple.com 

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